Amazon Prime, Wells Fargo Team Up To Provide Discounted Rates On Private Student Loans

Students can see as much as a 0.75 percent reduction on their student loan interest rate. Inc. and the Wells Fargo Education Financial Services announced Thursday their decision to provide a new discounted interest rate for Amazon Prime Student customers who apply for Wells Fargo’s private student loan products. Under the plan, students who have an Amazon Prime Student membership will be offered a 0.5 percent discount on newly originated or…

An Amazon Prime Subscription Could Get You A Discount On Student Loans

"If you're in college, or have recently graduated, chances are you have student loans. Now, students can look to Amazon Prime for some financial support.

Wells Fargo has partnered with the Prime subscription service specifically for students. Students with the service will be offered a 0.5 percent discount on their interest rates for private Wells Fargo loans.

Wells Fargo said in a press release, "We are focused on ... meeting our customers where they are – and increasingly that is in the digital space."

And it could also be beneficial for Amazon since the discount could increase Prime Student subscriptions. Students with an eligible .edu email address can get six months of the service for free and then if they continue the streaming slash shipping service they can get a discounted rate after that...." (Source: Newsy, 7/21/2016)