Added Market and Economic Data to the Terminal via Tradingview, Quandl

First off, I just embedded market and economic watchlists on my Terminal via Some of the data is from, which has millions of financial and economic datasets. I used data from the Federal Reserve, NIKKEI and Yale Economics. I also created ratios and spreads with some of the data. I will soon add valuation measures to the widgets, and hopefully Tradingview will make it so indicators (like rate of change) can be used on watchlists.

Second, Quandl sent me an interesting infographic titled "The Spectrum Of Diffusion," which basically shows how data gets commoditized or "fully diffused" over time as more people use it in analysis. But "untapped" data always exists on emerging industries and Quandl provided some examples of promising data providers. This type of untapped data is called alternative data, and is definitely something to look into if you want an edge in your investment strategy. If you can catch a company in the "Nascent" stage, or use nascent data to uncover relevant information about a stock offering, you can have a more accurate understanding of true company value.