China Raises Border Pitch: India Has Betrayed Treaty, Using Bhutan As Excuse

Amid the continuing standoff, China on Monday said the “trespassing” of Indian troops in Doklam was a “betrayal” of a treaty signed in 1890, and India had used Bhutan as an “excuse” to violate the international border between the two countries. Beijing demanded the immediate withdrawal of Indian troops, and quoted letters between Indian and Chinese leaders in 1959 to underscore the boundary set between the two countries in the Sikkim region. “In order to cover up the illegal entry by Indian troops into the Chinese territory, Indian side wants to infringe upon Bhutan’s sovereignty and they try to confuse right from wrong. This is futile. We have no objection to normal bilateral relations between India and Bhutan but are firmly opposed to the Indian side infringing on Chinese territory using Bhutan as an excuse,” said Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) spokesperson Geng Shuang.

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